Top 10 Healthy and Ultimate Probiotics for Kids

Are you interested to know about the ultimate probiotics for kids? Today we are going to discuss some ultimate probiotics for kids, their significance and side effects on babies. Probiotics are the living microorganisms that prevent kids from various type of infectious diseases. They basically increase the immunity of a child. These probiotics actually contain some special type of bacteria (one or blend of several types of bacteria) naturally occurring in the human body such as on the skin, in the gut, in the urogenital tract, and in saliva. These bacteria help in digestion, absorption of various nutrients, and killing the invaders entering your body, these bacteria form micro-biome of the body. But in the newborn babies sometimes, these bacteria are weak and cannot function properly, so we need probiotics to make the immune system strong and to prevent a baby from infectious diseases. But sometimes, the bacteria in the probiotics for kids can also cause diseases.

Do Your Kids Need Probiotics?

Yes! Kids need probiotics for the proper body functioning and to avoid various deadly and infectious diseases. Actually in kids, the immune system is not so strong and the bacteria inside their body don’t function properly, so in that case, a child has to take such probiotics. These are available in the market in the form of supplements and also obtained from yogurt, in the form of yeast, and in other various fermented food products available on the market. In short, kids need probiotics for their healthy growth and to strengthen their defense system.

Benefits of Probiotics for Kids

Probiotics for kids are very beneficial for their health, following are some benefits of probiotics:

  • They help to defend a child body from various microbes
  • They prevent the child from diarrheal infection and illness.
  • These probiotics can also kill the harmful bacteria present in the gut or in the stomach.
  • They also help the natural bacteria in the body and enhance their functioning.
  • They also relieve constipation, acid reflux, improve gut immunity and prevent them from other diseases.

Side Effects of Probiotics for Kids

Probiotics have no lasting impacts on babies but in the initial days after starting probiotics, some side effects are observed due to an imbalance in the gut. There are mild digestive problems, diarrhea, infection, constipation, and abdominal pain. Probiotics work efficiently if you start using them with less to more dosage, so the method of using probiotics is also important to get better results.

1) Culturelle Kids Daily Probiotic Chewables

One of the ultimate probiotic for kids is Culturelle Kids Daily Probiotic Chewables. It contains Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG in it, which is the main ingredient of Culturelle. It is approved and certified probiotic which can lessen belly problems, support the immune system, and maintain the balance of good bacteria and disease-causing bacteria. It improves the immunity, prevents a baby from infectious diseases like diarrhea, and help in proper digestion.

2) PRO-Kids ENT

PRO-kids ENT is a strawberry chewable tablet with targeted strains for ENT health. It enhances the immunity and improves the bacteria present in our oral cavity. It works pretty fast within 24 hours. Pro-kids ENT also prevents the throat from infection. It provides plenty of bacteria in the throat and these bacteria act as a shield for various invaders. It can also prevent the inner ear from any kind of infection. To be precise, PRO-Kids ENT maintains the health of a baby and protects the baby from diseases.

3) Ultimate Flora Health & Wellness Kids Probiotic 3 Billion

Ultimate Flora Health and Wellness Kids Probiotic 3 Billion is a perfect and good probiotic for a baby. It is present in berry flavor, has six types of strains, and 3 billion guaranteed probiotics cultures. The best thing about the Ultimate Flora Health & Wellness Kids Probiotic 3 Billion is that it has no artificial sweetener, flavors, and colors. It can resolve tummy problems and strengthen good bacteria in the gut. It is taken by children of 2 years or older and daily one tablet is taken.

4) Best 6 Billion CFU Kids / Children’s Probiotic with Prebiotics

Best 6 Billion CFU Kids is a chewable probiotic and the taste is really great. It is sugar-free and children love its taste. It has 6 billion CFU in it. It improves the natural flora in the gut which improves digestion. The best thing about this probiotic is that every tablet has prebiotic sun fibers which act as food for probiotics, so the probiotics reproduce in the gut. It can be taken once per day.

5) Digestive Advantage KIDS Daily Probiotic Gummies

Digestive Advantage Kids Daily Probiotic Gummies is a tasty and delicious chewable tablet. It has no artificial flavor and has natural flavors. They help support your child’s digestion process and overall health and continual use, result in digestive support. It can reduce abdominal pain diarrhea, and bloating. It contains soy, citric acid, lactic acid, gelatin, and colors from fruits and vegetables. Children of age 4 to 12 years chew two tablets daily and children of age 3 chew one tablet daily.

6) Kids Probiotic Complete – Strawberry Crème

Kids Probiotic Complete- Strawberry Crème is a delicious and good taste. It has 4 billion CFU. The goal behind its production is to use premium quality products and to maintain the health of a baby. Children of age 3 take 2 Gummies daily and may be taken with or without food. It is free of GMOs, synthetic colors, artificial flavors, and preservatives. To conclude, it is a good, has positive results, and a healthful probiotic which is widely used by parents.

7) Kids Multi + Probiotic

Kids Multi + Probiotics is also a tasty probiotic, the flavor is yumberry punch and children loved it. It can boost the natural flora in the body. It has a blend of vitamins A, C, D, E, and zinc. It delivers essential vitamins and minerals to the body. It can boost the bacteria which help in digestion and keep a balance of tummy and active kids pulse.

8) Probonix Daily Probiotic

Probonix Daily Probiotic is basically used by adults. It is in liquid form and has most effective strains. It is taken by putting eight to nine drops on the tongue or in your drink. Adults can take eight drops daily and kids can take 30lbs daily. It can help to resolve issues like bloating, gas, diarrhea, bowel, eczema, and also some dental issues. Probonix is organic and free from gluten, sugars, eggs, soy, and dairy.

9) Nordic Naturals Probiotic Gummies Kids

Nordic Naturals Probiotic Gummies Kids is an ultimate probiotic for kids, it has good bacteria that are healthy for babies. It also has 1.5 billion live cultures and prebiotic fibers. The flavor is yum merry berry punch, and for ages 2+. It has no artificial coloring and enhances the immunity. In conclusion, it is really good for health and has no side effects.

10) BioGaiaProtectis drops

BioGaiaProtectis are dropping which contain lactic acid bacterium Lactobacillus reuteriProtectis (L. reuteri DSM 17938). It helps to maintain the micro-flora and natural balance in the gut. It has proven active, effective and safe for kids after 130 clinical trials. Use 5 drops once a day and before using shake it well so that bacteria mix with the oil in probiotic. It has a good effect on child health.

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